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...........because we dream in black & white....

This website is exclusively dedicated to black & white photographic images of Ireland as seen through the eyes of Con Scanlon.

It is said that we dream in black & white and if this is the case, then Con Scanlon's photographs, presented in the following galleries, provide the palette for our dreams.

Ireland is not just a special place but rather a "state of being", mysterious and historical. From the rugged beauty of her landscapes to the gentle beauty of her shores, she and her people will captivate you. A land of ancient cities and historical sites provide a unique and unforgettable experience for all who visit.

Set against this backdrop, we hope that the images presented in our galleries will transport you to that special place, evoking memories of visits you may have already taken to Ireland or perhaps, entice you to journey here one day.

Each photograph is individually handprinted by Con, using traditional darkroom techniques. The prints are then individually signed, making each one unique and original.

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