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For the past 25 years, Con Scanlon has been captivated with all aspects of photographic imagery. In particular, black & white photography holds special appeal to him. Through the medium of black and white photography, Con has managed to capture evocative moments to unveil the hidden serenity, beauty and character, which is uniquely Irish.

Integral to his work is his special attention to sharpness of definition and the nuances of light and texture. With black and white photography, the colours our eyes normally see do not exist and therefore, these qualities are essential in order to fully convey the enigmatic imagery.

Capturing the ultimate image is not only about being in the right place at the right time but also, more importantly, instinctively seeing possibilities that are not always obvious and having the patience to wait.

Ireland has many guises, from the haunting ruggedness of her landscapes to the trapped mystery of her still life. Con has endeavoured to define the essence of her soul with his photographs.

Committed to preserving the integrity of all aspects of each print, he retains full control throughout the entire process, hand-printing all images in his own darkroom.



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